At William Merriman Architects, we have an extensive library of historic, traditional and modern reference books, catalogs, products and material samples. We will often provide clients with assistance beyond the traditional architecture practice; including but not limited to color studies, sample boards, material mock ups and furniture design.

Where off the shelf products have not met clients needs, we have commissioned custom products including light fixtures, range hoods, cabinetry and furniture. We work with local and national machine shops. fabricators, foundries, blacksmiths and artisans to achieve your vision.


Many of our clients are surprised and delighted that we spend time hand drawing at the beginning stages of their project. We have found that there is still an efficiency to the way an Architect can approach a project outside the computer, from an initial hand sketch on a napkin, to the artistry of hand drawing and model building. 

While we approach the practice of architecture in a traditional manner, we leverage modern technology as a tool to be used alongside the traditional hand-drawings that clients love.

We have recently added a 3D printer to allow us to quickly and accurately produce scale study models directly from our computer drawings. These serve as an evolving and essential visual aide for both client and architect. Visit our News & Journal page to follow along as we explore this new capability.