A Traditional Philosophy


We look to our clients for the inspiration for our projects, not a particular style, or movement or era of construction. Architecture is for us an honest evaluation of an individual client's design question.

When we speak of traditional architecture we refer to this method of practice and problem solving where the end result is yet to be discovered.


We will spend an extensive amount of listening to you, getting to know your family, how you have lived before and helping you prioritize and refine your goals. Our obligation to you is to achieve a design that is uniquely reflective of who you are, that is thoughtful, appropriate and serves its purpose well. We will work diligently with the best Craftsmen to see your vision realized.


We believe that architecture should be representative of place and vernacular context, with a deep respect for the topography and environment of Alaska.  This includes thoughtful development, the preservation of open space and farmland, and the responsibility to protect our beautiful state. There is a rationale in residential architecture for projects that can endure for generations, given a unique setting, family, and purpose.


We see timeless architecture not as a repeat of historical precedence, but instead representative of elegant and smart design. What was true 200 years ago is no less true of residential architecture today, requiring thoughtful exploration of each project. The residential architecture of Alaska should be designed for our climate, utilize indigenous materials, and be sited appropriately, while reacting to our culture and clients’ needs. That the forms of this architecture may stray towards recognizable traditional design or towards the modern is less important than the intent to solve the design question at hand. 


We are convinced and moved that a good design can and will make a difference in our clients’ lives. Tell us about your project here.