How Smart is Your Floor Plan?

Your floor plan has a lot to think about- you've selected one you like, now what? 

Does the layout make sense? How was it designed and how were decisions made? 

Do you actually own the copyright to have it built? 

Is your floor designed to be convenient to build or for you to live in?

Does you floor plan know what state and climate it will be built in?

Does your floor plan know the orientation will it be on the site?

What type of walls and insulation will your floor plan use?

Does it perform energy calculations?

Did it think about sound transmission between spaces?

Does it provide Mechanical and Electrical layout?

What about:

Structural coordination?

Finish selections?

Kitchen layout?

Finish details?

Waterproofing? Flashing? Ventilation?

Will your floor plan fill in all the details and coordinate with your contractor during construction?

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