10 ideas to Build a Home that can grow up

How to build a home that can grow up as you live in it:

  1. Build smaller, with an eye towards a future addition. Perhaps you don't need all the space you think you do.
  2. Build space that you can leave unfinished initially. An attic can become a bedroom or play room later. 
  3. Use quality materials where possible, especially for hard to replace items like windows and doors.
  4. Omit trim where possible or utilize non-profiled square stock. You can always add crown molding or a shoe molding later. 
  5. Start with floor coverings that can be replaced later- carpet is easily replaced with wood.
  6. Plan for niches and alcoves where you can add built-in cabinetry, shelving and storage later. 
  7. Dig the foundation a little deeper for an unfinished basement. This is cheap square footage for storage or future living space if a walk-out is possible on your site. 
  8. Plan for the garage, but build it later. 
  9. Have your electrician pull wires for future decorative lighting, and install cover plates initially. 
  10. Spend some savings on trees and plantings so that when you have money to finish the house, the plantings will be mature.