WMA's Wednesday Library Feature

Each Wednesday, we will feature a book or reference from our firm's extensive library. For our first Library feature, we'll describe how we utilize these resources.

An Architect's library is an indispensable tool for study, education and yes, inspiration. Our library is cataloged by themes, with a strong focus on historic and traditional works. It contains books, periodicals, research papers, photographs, firm monographs, textbooks, historical studies and our previous work. As part of each project we will pull references from the shelves for client review and brainstorming. As we work through a project we will often refer to the library to help solve a design issue. While many of our clients have jumped to the internet to sites like Houzz and Pinterest, we find that printed works tend to be more refined and curated. Often our clients will bring in a binder of information they have collected, and processed over years of dreaming about their home- we love clients who come prepared with their own library of inspiration!

Our Library Sections:

  1. Architect and Firm Monographs
  2. Periodicals
  3. Architecture with a Purpose
  4. Architecture Theory
  5. Textbooks and Research Papers
  6. Photographs and Slides
  7. Past projects
  8. Architecture History
  9. Specific Historic Architecture
  10. Architecture Styles
  11. Barns, Sheds and Outbuildings
  12. Furniture and Design
  13. Landscape, Site and Urban Design
  14. Detail Library
  15. Reference Articles

While this week won't feature a full book review, one of our favorites is Steward Brand's 'How Buildings Learn- What happens after they're built.' Find it on Amazon here.