Installing an Esse Ironheart- Part 2

The second part in a series on installing an Esse Ironheart Woodstove- Tiling and the Stove.

We'll skip through some of the mundane portions of the install and go right to the completed tile work. The tile will eventually have a wood floor surrounding it instead of carpet and will be just a shy 1/8" above a 3/4" floor.

What you see in the background is a storage box for wood- mostly decorative (this was part of the old bump out on the exterior of the house for the gas fireplace). We figured we would make use of it temporarily until we tear this unsightly box off the house. Make sure that if you are planning for a stove you comply with recommended clearances to combustibles. 

The stove itself wasn't too terrible to move up the stairs. I removed everything I possibly could, including the doors and firebrick to make it lighter, probably reduced from it's listed weight of 800 lbs to more like 500 lbs. We did build a ramp to make the first stair tread easier to turn onto.

There is still some work to do on the vapor barrier, along with cleanup of electrical, drywall and a first firing. Stay tuned.