How to Utilize 


How to use the plans:

We know there are many options when thinking about your dream house- our goal is to provide professional Architect designed homes based on our custom work and over 15 years of experience in residential architecture. Utilize the SCHEMATIC PLANS to dream about your home and be inspired. If you fall in love with a design, purchase the CONSTRUCTION PLANS and contact our office for additional details and about customizing these plans for your unique project.

Two Version to Choose From:

1.       SCHEMATIC PLANS are furnished with floorplans, elevations and diagrammatic sections and includes a breakdown of square footage. These plans are intended for study and are a starting point for your dream home. They are typically not accepted for permit depending on your location. These plans do not have enough information for a builder to construct and do not include rights to construct.

 2.      CONSTRUCTION PLANS are furnished with dimensioned floorplans, elevations, detailed sections, and details, along with specifications and specific siting and lot size instructions. Drawings are furnished in PDF for download and also available with full-size prints. Purchasing the CONSTRUCTION PLANS is the start of a process where we customize the drawings for your location, climate, footing depth requirements, insulation requirements, etc. Initially after purchase we will provide you with a generic copy of the PLANS and then contact you to discuss the unique requirements of the location- these services are all included in the purchase price. Customization of layout, Engineering and permitting are available as an additional service through our office. The final plans are intended to be utilized by your builder for construction.

 Three-dimensional study models:

The 3d models are offered separately for those clients that desire a more tactile and visual representation of our Catalog Homes. We know that some clients have difficulty visualizing what a project will really look like, something that plans, elevations and renderings cannot wholly convey. The models are intended as an aid for study, contemplation and inspiration as you consider your dream home.