Fishing Cabin

Designed as a seasonal riverfront fishing cabin for a couple and their guests, the design features two cabins side-by-side with a central dining room and pantry. The theme of the design is based on imaging the large cabin as a big-brother and the smaller cabin as a little-sister nestled together for a family photo. The overall composition creates a perfect picture postcard no matter where it’s situated.

Generous outdoor space unites the two cabins situated on piers, designed to be built with minimal foundations and impact on their surroundings. A grand exterior staircase also serves as seating for guests and helps root the structure in place. A smaller staircase is designed to access the water directly for a unique and directed approach.

Inside, the central dining room provides communal space and relaxation. Multiple options allow for configuring this cabin to your needs, including upstairs bedrooms. Thoughtful touches include ample closet space, pantry and storage along with optional security shutters for seasonal living. 


    2+ bedroom, 1+ bathroom
    1,100 SF Finished Space


    350 SF Loft space
    Full decks
    Exterior shutter security
    Full Master Suite

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