Frequently Asked Questions

+ What services do you provide?

  We provide comprehensive and professional Architecture services for select clients and projects. Our designs are unique to each individual project and client. Additional information is available on our Services page.

+ What is the cost for custom Architecture services?

  Wholly dependent on the client, project and level of service desired. We bill on an hourly basis for our services, which typically results in a lower overall design fee than if determined as a percentage of construction costs. This is a delivery model we have found effective for truly custom projects with unlimited parameters at the beginning. The creative nature of our profession is that we must put a price on a product we are to produce without knowing what it will be, how long it will take or where our clients will direct us to go. We rely on our experience, best professional judgement and your input when estimating these costs.

+ What factors affect the overall design fee?

  Generally, average professional architecture design fees tend to range from 8% - 12% of construction costs and will often be an agreed fixed percentage. However, due to the nature of custom residential design, it is often difficult to provide accurate costs upfront; further it is historically proven to be in our clients’ best interest to proceed on an hourly basis. The complexity and scope of each project, speed of required design schedule and your decision making all play a part in the final design and cost for Architecture Services.

+ Will you provide an estimate at the outset of the project in the Architecture Services Contract?

  Yes. We will review your design questionnaire, meet with you in the office and walk your project site prior to evaluating the scope of the project and the hours we believe it will take to provide tailored Architecture services for your project.

+ What are the real costs associated with a comprehensive custom Architecture and Construction project?

  We ask that clients provide a construction budget for their projects as a starting point. However, our responsibility to you as an Architecture firm is to help you evaluate not only design decisions, but also feasibility of the project and the overall costs associated with it. Many clients are surprised by additional costs beyond architecture and construction, including municipality permit fees, surveyor costs, engineering fees, etc. We always discuss these items in great detail with clients to help them understand the complete cost for their project.

+ I have a plan that I choose from the internet or from another source, can you draw these plans and make some alterations for me?

  Generally, we dissuade clients from approaching custom Architecture and Construction this way. Typically homes plans found online or via social media have unknown copyright attributions; someone produced the work and owns the rights to construct an example; these rights must be purchased! We advise clients that custom residential design is not just selecting a floor plan. We are not an efficient drafting service, and usually by the end of our collaboration with you, we have and must make enough changes that the original plan is either unrecognizable or must be scrapped based on your needs. We provide comprehensive Architecture service which explores all the elements that affect a design before we ever put pen to paper to draw something that resembles your home. We have found this process to be effective and protects other professionals’ designs at the same time. We do however offer catalog homes as described below.

+ Do you have stock plans that are cheaper than fully-custom Architecture Services?

  We have a select catalog of fully Architect designed homes for clients to choose from that are more cost effective. For those clients that don’t have the resources or time to pursue full Architecture services, this will present a wonderful option for a William Merriman Architects designed home. For additional information, Contact Us or see our Catalog Homes page.

+ Do you design commercial projects?

  Yes we do. While we have a passion for residential work, we also take on select commercial projects.

+ Who do you recommend for a contractor to build my home?

  We can suggest contractors who would be a good fit once we have a complete scope, budget and level of expectations for your project.