catalog home Frequently Asked Questions

+ 1. Can I provide the SCHEMATIC PLANS to my builder for construction?

  No, see our Copyright, License Agreement and Disclaimer..

+ 2. Can I make changes to the plans?

  We are happy to work with you to make changes and customize the plans for your unique project.

+ 3. Are you able to permit the CONSTRUCTION PLANS in states other than ALASKA?

  We approach each individual project based on the laws of the state and the permitting requirements. Please call for details. .

+ 4. Is Structural Engineering included in the price of the CONSTRUCTION PLANS?

  No. The Structural Engineering for each project must be completed once we know the actual location and is dependent on the particulars of the municipality, its code requirements, site and soil conditions, local construction practices, etc. There are too many factors to produce one solution for all locations.

+ 5. Will you sell plans to clients outside the United States?

  Unfortunately due to different Copyright and Liability Laws it is impractical for us to offer these plans to those outside the United States.

+ 6. I purchased the SCHEMATIC PLANS and now I know that I want to build the house. Do I need to purchase the CONSTRUCTION PLANS also?

  If you’ve fallen in love with the SCHEMATIC PLANS of a house, we’ll credit the amount towards the purchase price of the CONSTRUCTION PLANS. Contact our office for additional details.

+ 7. What do these homes cost to build?

  Wholly dependent on location, fit and finish, your contractor, code requirements, etc. The costs and complexities of construction vary greatly from state to state and each project should be priced specifically.

+ 8. Do you offer a turnkey home constructed on my site?

  Not yet. Please Contact our office to discuss your project.

+ 9. Can these plans be built anywhere?

  We have developed these plans based on our work both in Alaska and in the lower forty-eight states. While some plans will work well in several places, we are exploring a sheltering vernacular that is more applicable to colder climates. While many of our homes would work well in places like Alaska, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, they are less well-suited to New Mexico, Florida or Texas without further study and collaboration.

+ 10. I am a builder and would like to purchase a home for repeat development; can I buy additional licenses?

  Please Contact our office to discuss your project.